Saturday, 5 March 2011

:: WELCOME to K.H.A.A.F.F Trading WorLD ::


K.H.A.A.F.F Trading has opened since 2010. We are opening this online business which is based at Melaka. We are seeing an opportunity in this field because Malaysia target to growing up SME’s industry worldwide. Hence, we opened this web browser to help and make business with SME entrepreneurs in Malaysia. 
Therefore, created in cyber world.
In this blog, people can find:

- Entrepreneur profile in Malaysia
- Products that we are trade and sell
- Advertisement
-Links : 
** Ministry of Agriculture, 
**Ministry of International Trade and Industry, 
**JAKIM, etc.
- NEW information about company’s activity

Besides the products that we market, we also have the consultation service for NEW entrepreneur in this field to get service and consultant on going build up their business. We also have the consultation FEES for the service that have been done. Our service are :

~ Paperwork preparation 
~ Surveying service
~ Advertising and promotion
~ Consultation of management

So, with the demand and supply which increasing time to time we hope that our business and service will supported and growth well in Malaysia and over the world,

Khaaff Trading


To be the premier trader and marketer in the region as well as accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable with quality growth


Our road maps start with our mission which is enduring. It declares our purposes as a company and serve as the standard which we weigh our action and decision :

-To refresh the world
-To inspire moments of optimism and happiness
-To create value and make differences


To achieve our mission, we ensure comprehensiveness quality and reliability, relevant and practically in the range of services and products that we offer